John Hesterman

Veteran producer, recording artist, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, guitarist and vocalist, John Hesterman was the co-founder of RHM Music Publishing (2004) in partnership with British songwriter Ron Ryan (Because, Bits & Pieces, Anyway You Want It and others for the Dave Clark Five) and 5 Grapes Music Publishing (1998) in partnership with Steve Whitehurst. He was organist, bassist, drummer, songwriter and producer with The Grapes of Wrath (1966-1971)(1998-Current). In addition, he was founder, bassist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer of TRACE (1972-1981)(2009-Current). John was founder, bassist, keyboardist and leader of The Offbeats (1993-2010), a San Diego, California based British Invasion band that has performed at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, England and has been featured at venues throughout the Southwest. During his music career, John has also been featured as bassist and front man with Just Us, Atlantis, Stumblin' Buffalo, The Chino Valley Rangers, Deuce Coupe, Zachary Smith, The Difference, The Orbitz, The Noise Boys, North Coast Jazz Ensemble, Looking Back, The Legendary Bel Air Boys, Blue Current, The Legends with Howard Blank of The Outsiders, and BackTrack. He has performed with Billy J. Kramer, Gordon Waller (Peter & Gordon), Tony Sheridan, Pete Best (the Beatles original drummer), Jackie Lomax, The Coasters, Bobby Daye, Jewel Akin, The Sons Of The Pioneers, Lee Dresser, Eddy Raven, Rex Allen, Jr., Sue Thompson, Johnny Tillotson, Rosie & The Originals, The Skyliners, Larry O'Brien & The Glenn Miller Orchestra (as sponsor and MC), The Bob Crosby Orchestra, The Count Basie Orchestra and Jim Carrey (Stand up comedian, 1990 at The Mission Inn, San Marcos, CA). John's music production credits include The Grapes of Wrath, Rod Hart, The Epics, Stumblin' Buffalo, The Offbeats, TRACE, Deuce Coupe, Steve Whitehurst, Sandi Schena, Chelsea Flor, Eddie Coven, Tom Allen and Brent Burns. John has also written, produced and released several solo projects featuring original compositions. His latest jazz release, "A Keeper Of The Flame" The John Hesterman Sextet with Strings (Presta Records), features the cream of the crop jazz of musicians in Phoenix and string players from the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra.

John has extensive experience in radio broadcasting (KNOT AM & FM, KLKY-AM, KOWF AM & FM, KSPA-AM and others) as an on-air personality, program director and general manager. He designed, constructed KLKY AM 1130 Radio, Prescott Valley, Arizona. In addition, He produced and syndicated two radio programs, "Sentimental Journey" (Big Bands & Jazz Nostalgia) and "Looking Back At Arizona's Top 40" (Anthology of Arizona's Rock & Roll Scene, 1957 to 1984). Current projects include recording studio & live performance with TRACE (with Sandy Lamont)and Prestalane Music Publishing, Buena Vista Productions and Presta Records in partnership with Floyd Westfall of Floyd & Jerry & The Counterpoints. In addition, John has returned to radio with a revival of this program "Looking Back At Arizona's Top 40" on Andy Olson's Radio Free Phoenix and Deep Oldies Radio.

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