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5 Grapes Music Company was originally founded to administer the release of The Grapes of Wrath on Gear Fab Records (GF-126) during the spring of 1999. That album featured compositions by Steve Whitehurst, Stuart Wood, Anthony Bacak, Brian Allan Black, Sheldon Skinkle, Jr. and John Hesterman.

During the period that included 1973 to the present, both Steve Whitehurst and John Hesterman continued to write and produce original music. "It occured to us," said Hesterman, "that 5 Grapes Music could become a central clearing house for not only Steve and me, but also for bands and production projects we have both been involved in through the years." As a result, this website will provide information about original music by Steve and John, both together and separately, aptly dubbed "The Whitehurst-Hesterman Wonderworks", and The Grapes of Wrath, Brent Burns, The Offbeats and contributing writers Stuart Wood, John Blau and Brian Allan Black.

The internet marketing process levels the music business playing field, and we will move forward in that arena offering quality music for all recording and performing artists that have an interest.

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